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Quality decorative lighting

Lighting is considered the most important aspect of any room or garden redesign as no matter how much is spent on soft furnishings and planting, the lighting will 'make or break it', enhance all the efforts or diminish the hard work. Forget your image of a lighting shop and think of a theatre of lights and shades entertaining your eyes and dancing across your vision.  At Limelighting we do not believe the lighting has to dominate.   It can be subtle; it must be functional and serve a purpose; it can be a feature of a room or garden to enhance other aspects of the overall design. Limelighting Online tries to offer a wide range of styles and sizes that will help designers and individuals to choose lighting that can offer that extra ingredient to the decor for comfort, style and functionality.  Interior lighting available online includes modern ceiling fittings, wall lighting, spotlighting and pendant lights in contemporary modern or traditional styles and some old fashioned.  All have their place in decorative home design. For 25 years we have scoured the manufacturers of light fittings, table lamps, spotlights, wall lights, shades and outside lights that will suit the customer's styles and requirements.  We carry ranges from 30 different manufacturers. Browse through the pages of this website and see if one of the choices may suit. If you have any queries, we have many years of experience helping customers look for the right light that will suit them, their style of living and decor.

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