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About Limelighting









 Limelighting  started as a retail home lighting business 30years ago by The Hannah family in a large theatre with two floors full of all types of light fittings, spotlights, outside lights, table lamps and shades – just the light atmosphere.

Limelighting has supplied homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, offices and a plethora of types of businesses and sent fittings to Canada, Malta, Gibraltar and even Bali.  The vast majority, however, go to customers all over the UK.  All customers who made the light choice.

Limelighting do not sourced light fittings that are cheap as we aim to provide excellent value for a high quality of product that is not available to many.  Designer lightingmodern lighting and contemporary lighting are all intermingled with more traditional home lighting styles.  The quality should be in both the design, the safety aspects and the manufacture.. …. just the light spectrum.

In making a small selection of our ranges available on the internet through the Limelighting online shop, we hope to reach customers who can not come to our showrooms and may lack the availability of a good lighting shop in their area.  If you can come to the showrooms, it is preferable, as we like to talk  – to discuss with you your lighting needs – to have the light meaning.

Simply a shade better!