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Home :: Low Ceiling Fittings

          Listed below are a number of tips and pitfalls to consider when looking for flush ceiling light fittings for low ceilings and for mounting semi flush.   1. It is essential that you know how much height you have available before choosing a flush ceiling fitting for low ceilings and consider that whilst you may not be tall, visitors to your house may be and will feel uncomfortable moving around your room hunched up to avoid the lights or breaking anything. 2. Consider installing wall lights before you decorate if the ceiling is exceptionally low. Consider installing recessed fittings if your ceiling height is very restricted. These down-lighters can give an attractive general lighting without being dominant, but they do provide downward light only and little or none will reach vertical surfaces or the ceiling. 3. Some downwards pointing ceiling fittings on chains can be adapted for low ceilings.  Check if the fitting you want, can be adapted and that the height is still sufficient for your room. 4. Flush Ceiling fittings for low ceiling rooms are often relatively compact in size and it may be worth considering the need for supplementary lighting. 5. It is not an  exhaustive list and it is worth thinking through your lighting requirements and how you use your rooms before deciding on a particular style of fitting.