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This section includes only Ceiling Shades, often described as pendant shades but all are non-electric.  In other words, they do not have any electrical connections.  They can be hung by anyone onto a hanging ceiling lampholder.  Some ceiling shades specify fitting onto 29mm lampholder - standard British BC lampholders in either plastic or metal;  some specify 42mm lampholder - the newer large lampholders for low energy lamps or continental ES lamps.  If you have a BC lampholder and want a ceiling shade with the 42mm ring size, a reducer can be supplied that enables you to adapt the ceiling shade simply.  Unfortunatley, there is no easy solution for expanding the 29mm ring size.  Check the shade you order is compatible.  
1. The size, shape and colours you choose for a ceiling shade is entirely personal taste.  One single feature shade in the middle of a room is often best placed for general lighting around the room; several small shades clustered together on pendant lampholders set at differing heights can be  stunning, inexpensive and simple to install.     2. Long thin cylindrical ceiling shades are useful to hide ugly bulbs (lamps) whilst giving light out.     3. The darker the shade, the more the light is contained within the shade.     4. The clearer the glass or material of which the shade is made, the more the benefit gained from the light but the more visible the lampholder and flex become.