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Home :: Chandeliers and Ceiling Fittings

          Listed below are a number of tips and pitfalls to think about when purchasing chandeliers and ceiling fittings.   1) Chandeliers and central ceiling fittings tend to be useful as general lighting rather than for highlighting or task lighting 2) Central chandeliers can be a very dramatic feature in a room 3) Chandelier fittings with the lamps(bulbs) pointing downwards are perceived by many to be ‘getting the light where people need it’ and are more cosy or homely in character.  Those with upwards pointing lamps tend to be regarded as more elegant and if surrounded by a glass or shade giving a mainly uplighting effect; the perception is of a more subtle and gentle atmosphere 4) Chandeliers come in many differing heights.  Those with chains can be shortened with ease at home or on site whilst lengthening requires more electrical knowledge and skill.  If you have a particularly high ceiling and are unsure if the chain would be long enough, contact out staff with the length you require from ceiling to bottom of the light fitting and we can either measure it or get it lengthened.  If the latter is required, there will be an additional charge.  Chandeliers and ceiling fittings on rods can not be altered. You must ensure that you have sufficient height available for any light fitting ordered. 5) Dark walls and ceilings absorb light and you may, therefore, need to make allowances for additional lighting.  Light colors reflect the light better and will make a room feel bigger and more airy. 6) From age 40 onwards one requires more and better positioned light both for general purposes and to undertake detail tasks, such as reading, writing and sewing.  Consider allowing for both general lighting and specific lighting, such as desk lamps, table lamps, or floor standards to get lighting where you want it and sit. 7) Halogen lamps and daylight lamps have a higher blue content and, therefore, have a better colour rendering.  This is useful for situations when colours are important, such as cooking, embroidery or painting.  Some people consider the quality of light given off by such lamps is harsher and find it an uncomfortable light to relax in, when a warmer white lamp would be better.  A mix of types of lamp may be preferable for the differing situations. 8) Fittings purchased over the Internet from Limelighting Online will have suitable lamps (FOC) for that fitting to start you off.  As lamps do not travel well and if any are dud on arrival, you will have to purchase a replacement at your local lamp supplier. 9). The list is not exhaustive and it is worth thinking through your lighting requirements and how you use your rooms before deciding on a particular style of light fitting.