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Home :: Multi-arm Fittings

          Listed below are a number of tips and pitfalls to consider when looking for multi-arm ceiling lights. 1. These fittings can cover a multitude of styles, shapes, sizes and colours.  They can be simple and plain or elaborate and eye-catching.  Before choosing, decide whether you want your multi arm ceiling lights to be a feature or to blend into the ceiling more. 2. Make sure you have decided on a minimum number of lights to the fitting.  It is easier and safer to install a multi arm ceiling light fitting with more arms than necessary and use lower wattage lamps/bulbs or dim the fitting, than find shortly after installation that your fitting is inadequate for your needs. 3. Multi arm ceiling light fittings with modern halogen lamps/bulbs can give off quite a sharp clear light if used in a relaxing sitting room atmosphere, which some people find harsh.  These lamps/bulbs do however, have a better colour rendering than traditional filament lamps and are beneficial for reading, writing, sewing or painting. 4. Traditional filament lamps give a softer light as they contain more yellows and may be more suitable for relaxing in though the low energy lamps are now providing a similar warm white content. Modern warm white LED bulbs/lamps are approaching similar colour rendering to filament lamps and are worth considering as alternatives for multi arm light fittings. 5. If you want a feature light, be prepared with a suitable sized budget but also ensure that the light undertakes some practical purposes, such as getting light to parts of a room where it is needed.