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Listed below are tips and pitfalls to consider when buying pendant lighting and shades.  

1. Pendant lights tend to be considered those ceiling lights with a single lamp/bulb.  As such they are often little more that shades that hangs off a standard plastic pendant set with white flex, white lampholder and white ceiling rose.  These can be  described as being 'non-electric', as the parts that bring the electric to the lamp/bulb are not included.  However pendant sets in either chains or flex can be supplied seperatly.

2. Pendant lighting is often, therefore, most suitable for relatively small rooms, where only one lamp/bulb is sufficient for the activities undertaken in the room.  It is better to light a room with several light sources of lower wattage then to rely on one light source of a high wattage.

3. Check that the pendant fitting you want will suit the conditions that you have in the room.  For example, do you need a pendant or chain set for the non-electric fitting you are purchasing.  With the advent of fittings and shades designed for low energy lamps, your pendant lampholder may have a large diameter and you will also need to ensure that any shade or fitting you wish to install onto the low energy lampholder has a large-holed fixing.  It is possible to make the hole size smaller with a reducer but it is not possible to increase the hole size.

4. The points are not an  exhaustive list and it is worth thinking through your lighting requirements and how you use your rooms before deciding on a particular style of fitting.