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Listed below are a number of tips and pitfalls to consider when purchasing table lamps and floor lamps standards

1. Table lamps and floor lamps or standards come in such a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials, it is impossible to give a concise description.  They are often used as task lights to undertake a specific task or function, such as desk lamps.

2. Table lamps and floor standards are also used as supplementary fittings to increase the amount of light where needed and squeezed into spaces for which they were not designed or intended.  Try to ensure that you use your table lamps and floor lamps purposefully.

3. Many people dislike central ceiling lights and rely solely on table lamps and floor lamps.  This can give a very subtle and gentle atmosphere to a room but is often short on aspects of safety.  You may get scattered pools of light with large areas of darkness making moving around the room hazardous.

4. Ensure table lamps and floor standards can be positioned so that people are not constantly walking over or on the flex.  There are 2 major safety issues with this as the flex becomes worn, frayed and dangerous and/or the flex is a trip hazard.

5. Uplighter floor-standards that shine all the light upwards will give a gentler light than many ceiling fittings but unless the ceiling is light colored and relatively low, the reflection benefit is diminished.

6.  The points are not exhaustive and it is worth thinking through your lamp needs and how you use your rooms before deciding on a particular style of table lamp or floor lamp.

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